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Point AToPoint BTaxi Meter PriceOur Price
Spokane-Seattle, WA$700.00 $520.00
Spokane -Pullman, WA$200.00$180.00
Spokane -Missoula, MT$500.00$450.00
Spokane -Helena, MT$780.00$620.00
Spokane -Newport, WA$126.00$110.00
Spokane - Chewelah, WA $130.00$120.00
Spokane -Tricities, WA$360.00$300.00
Spokane Valley -Sandpoint, ID$180.00 $110.00
GEG Airport -Sandpoint, ID $200.00 $125.00
GEG Airport-Ponderay, ID$200.00$130.00
GEG Airport -Post Falls, ID$85.60$70.00
GEG Airport-CDA, ID$101.00$80.00
Downtown Spokane-Airway Heights, WA$28.00$25.00
Post Falls-Sandpoint, ID$130.00$90.00
Downtown Spokane -Spokane Valley, WA$27.00 $20.00
Spokane Valley-CDA, ID$63.00 $55.00
Spokane-Worley, ID$96.00 $80.00

 Fares over 100 miles MUST be paid upfront

Round Trip Rates = Discount applied if completed same day or paid in advance

Though our flat rate fares are based on a taxi meter, we are NOT a taxi. All rides MUST be scheduled in advance.

Holding deposit may be required for certain bookings


10% -Partner Hotel Guest Discount
10% -Festival/Fair Discount
10%-Law Enforcement Discount
10% -Active Duty Military Discount
15%-Veteran Military Discount
15%-Mishap Discount

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